Historik - Connect Festival 2009

Connect Festival

Connect Festival är en festival för vår tids musik, arrangerad av Musikhögskolan i Malmö i samarbete med Musik i Syd. Varje år bjuds ledande svenska och internationella artister in liksom andra konsertproducenter för att skapa ett rikt och varierat Connect-program. Connect Festival startade 2006. Konstnärlig ledare är Luca Francesconi.


Back to FUTURism

The Futurists considered themselves revolutionary artists. At the dawn of the 20th century they endorsed and proposed a new type of modern man bound to control the world with new tools and machines in contrast to the old dusty 19th century world.

In 1909 they hired a page of the Parisian newspaper Le Figaro and published their famous "MANIFESTO". It was a violent, radical and somehow delirant provocation against any conformism. Despite the fact that it later led to a cultural justification of war and fascism, the force of the ideas marked a clear division, a distance from the previous century and the old bourgeois vision of the world, although it was a direct consequence of it. They were welcoming a new world based on industrial revolution, social transformation, radical political change and, in particular, new technological discoveries such as artificial light, wireless telegraphs, radio, aeroplanes and automobiles. A dramatic detachment from the natural world was finally formalized.

Excited by electricity and speed they started a new century, that emphasised a definitive separation between the human body and the result of its energy. Today we are experiencing the consequences of these changes. This gap has become so wide and accepted that we are falling into a labyrinth of virtual reality: a sort of dematerialisation of the body. But is this really possible? Aren't the concepts "reality" and "virtual" a contradiction in terms? It is true on the other hand that we feel that our experience of the world is becoming less and less concrete - as almost liquid, as Zygmunt Bauman defined it. As fastidious and politically incorrect as it might sound to our ears today, the MANIFESTO del FUTURISMO is full of issues that we are all experiencing now.

The Futurists were excessive and transgressive, as artists often are. They had strong intuitions that we must explore with renewed interest, as this was the first clear analysis of the problems we are experiencing today. This reflection includes the arts but also sociology, anthropology, politics and of course technology and the relations human beings have with these. Let's have a closer look at these issues.


Luca Francesconi
Professor of composition at Malmö Academy of Music